Universite Republicaine d'Haiti
                     Universite Republicaine d'Haiti

Free private university of Haiti


The URH is a comprehensive, independent university that delivers challenging and high quality educational experiences to a diverse group of learners. Our colleges offer more than 20 areas of study through a core curriculum rooted in a liberal arts tradition. Beginning with an innovative first-year student experience, URH students explore global issues, examine career possibilities, and refine communication and critical thinking skills. Professional master’s programs in business, nursing, and education and a continuing studies program for adult learners exemplify the University’s commitment to the professions and to the community.

The  University attracts students, faculty, and staff from around the world with diverse backgrounds to facilitate intercultural awareness and understanding.


The University is committed to the development of each student to become a productive and responsible citizen. To this end, the University ensures that students balance “learning by thinking” with “learning by doing.” Students are taught by highly qualified, experienced faculty members who are committed to teaching, academic advising and continued intellectual growth. Classes are conducted in personalized settings in which learning is enhanced through application. Students participate in learning partnerships with faculty and the community through independent studies, internships, re-search, and other practical experiences that complement classroom learning. The University’s academic services and co-curricular activities support individual discovery and development and provide leadership opportunities. Involvement and participation inside and outside the classroom are valued. Through complete engagement with the educational environment, URH students are prepared for careers, graduate and professional education, and lifelong learning.


URH welcomes expats and Haitians professors living abroad to cooperate in variety learning experience and expertise


URH (Universite Republicaine d’Haiti) is a new project aimed at helping young people get  a college degree and necessary skills to  fight poverty in Haiti. Each year over 60 000 high school students graduate from the Haiti school system, however the States universities can only absorb no more than 2000; noting that States universities in Haiti are tuition free.

The objectives of URH is to improve access to create a new university founded on the international university model for the production of advanced scientific and professional degrees. The nation has suffered an irreparable loss of heritage and human capital. Many universities will likely never be rebuilt. The need for additional studies of the impact and implications of this disaster cannot be overstated. Our position  reflects the urgency of higher education as a tool to create leadership for Haiti’s future on par with other priority areas including technology , agriculture, health, and economic development.  Strategic investment with smart policy reform in the higher education system will ensure Haiti's longer-term recovery and development goals. The condition of the higher education institutions after the January 12th earthquake that leveled most of the major institutions in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. It cannot be overemphasized that higher education be a priority for Haiti’s rebuilding strategy. Haiti has one of the youngest populations and there is a critical need for young, skilled professionals to rebuild Haiti in the years and decades ahead. As we redefine Haitian society, we must reform higher education institutions and protect them from the politicization that has hindered scientific inquiry and effective collaboration between these institutions in Haiti.



A large segment of Haiti’s emerging skilled professionals were killed.  Estimates of deaths are largely imprecise, however, of the sample universities surveyed, between 240 to 800 professors and administrators and 18,000 to 26,000 students may have perished as a result of the earthquake. 

An uncalculated number of professors, professionals and students have fled Haiti after the earthquake, contributing to the brain-drain of a critically needed people for the country. Most of the fellowships and scholarships granted to Haiti will compound the emigration of Haitian scholars to foreign countries.  As result, the challenge of building a new Haiti remains problematic. The solution for building Haitian competence must be built from the ground and on site in Haiti.


Vision and civic engagement

  • To create a brilliant future for the URH in which the students, faculty and staff thrive, a future in which URH will be the recognized leader among Haiti universities and Caribbean
  • In all that the University does, we will:
  • Aim high
  • Strive to control our destiny
  • Be accountable for our actions and exercise responsible stewardship
  • Be inclusive, treat each other with dignity and respect and promote citizenship
  • Value excellence, quality and service
  • Foster innovation and creativity


Our approach


The URH and its Foundation are working together to secure private gifts that will help create consistent excellence in teaching, research and public engagement, the cornerstones of our land-grant legacy. As the saying goes a mind is a terrible thing to waste, Students are able to come and attend courses they would otherwise not even dream of. The average Haitian family earns too little to afford superior education.

Dignity is our main thing. The metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince is large of almost 4 million people, URH will raise money to transport students after class due to unregulated mass transport , lack of government assistance, difficult and inconvenience to function in late afternoons.

URH will raise money to obtain needed equipments for all the learning aspects, donations of such equipments are encouraged and welcome

To have access to world class teaching course URH build a state of the art teleeducation platform reaching From Canada, USA and Africa. So students can come to our establishment enjoy the uninterrupted electricity and seamless internet connectivity and the welcome and agreeable atmosphere.


Civic engagement


URH promotes the bridging of communities with socially conscious thought and action.  “Civic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. The project itself is our civic and social engagement for torn Haiti where every year over 50,000 young students have to find an opportunity to go to college unfortunately college tuition in Haiti is so high that 80% of most kids can’t get to college. At URH, we engage the students to head on to life challenges, enhances what a student learns; connect academic discussion to real-world experiences the service given to a community results in the development of soft transferable skills and increase networking and marketability for future employers for students and reinforces learned academic material


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