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A word from the Founder,


As early as my memory serves me, I could see revolutionary ideas being set around me. I love the world and its people. I love Haiti, in fact I love everything about it. But I keep asking the question why, why? The question; what didn’t we do?

I read proud stories when Haiti used to have American students in Haiti’s universities. Then I look around ask the question can we ever?  Yes of course - I replied to my innerself, why not?  I always take Israel, Belgium and Switzerland as models. We are not so different in population size, geographic size.  If they do something why can’t we? Then I point to the Bahamas and how do they get there? Solutions to our problems I would say is among us if not in us Haitians


The country population is now at 10.2 million and will be 16 mil in less than fourteen years. If steps are not taken now we won’t be able to cope with the consequences. .

We need Education, we need training and we need to do that now and with morality, without profit and we need to get everyone educated.  The population is young, we can take advantage of that to put them into the learning mode. We need a republican model to make each and every one agent of love for Haiti and the planet. We will show respect to our neighbor by taking care of the environment. We wish to be the people of progress, the nation of peace, the country of great strength, the nation of justice and we will be. We have one of the most profound culture so rich but let’s show the world that civilization started with us that is the purpose of URH to serve as an engine and transmission of our desire to achieve

I am are particularly proud of our faculty staff.  Many of our professors are members of the national academies, and our young science and engineering faculty are regularly recognized with prestigious in the international 

Likewise, we have great pride in our students and future, who will go on to become leaders at national, and international levels in both the public and private sectors. 

The university’s impact on Haiti will not be limited to its campuses.

URH alumni will be the lifeblood of businesses, agriculture, the arts, health care, law firms, journalism and public service as well as leaders in their communities.

There’s much more to tell about this jewel of nonprofit higher education, its people, programs and nationwide outreach. We  dedicated ourselves to the brilliance of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, as well as our nation.


Eddy Nelson  MBA. ESQ



From this year on URH must raise 2.4 million to meet the current operational budget. Along with that amount, $2.7 million is needed to meet the scholarship needs of Appalachian students. Capital projects and programs require additional funds. All of these projects are essential to enabling URH to continue to provide a high-quality education to students. The projects are transformational and geared toward enhancing student learning by building a modern campus facility with responsibility to host expat professors staying up for three to six months.

URH does not obtain government aid or foreign agencies aid .As such, your assistance with one or more of these projects would be greatly appreciated.


A new campus is set to be built is currently under construction design.  It will the first green smart education building in the country. We have yet to pay off the land purchase price we still have to come up with over US 400,000.00 survey and geological studied have been done and paid for

The new campus will l be a multi-functional facility.  It’s designed to accommodate at least 70 classroom and an upper deck to house the campus auditorium with 2500 seats capacity. Physical education classrooms, a wellness center, faculty and athletic offices will be incorporated .The Campus basement for parking spaces for staff and professor connected with at least two elevators and a network of stairs leading to first floor and administration floors.  The new building will have geothermal heating and air, along with de-humidification equipment.

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