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URH appreciates any and every gift that we receive, no matter the amount. For us, it’s not the amount you give that’s important — it’s the simple fact that you gave. However, there are also many other ways to support this great project.


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Whether it’s a few bucks or somewhere shy of $100, we appreciate the support of our alumni and friends! These donations help us grow our endowment, which, in turn, allows us to fund our unique access for all Scholarships and so much more. Find out other ways to make a gift here.


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Tell people about us! We are a small school, but our impact in the lives of the country’s young people has been immeasurable. Also, please share your story with others about why you chose to attend or give to URH. The important and inspiring story of this university will continue to be written by its students, alumni, and ardent supporters.


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Visitors are always welcome at URH! If you are just a curious individual interested in supporting our great mission, we would be honored to have you visit Find out more about visiting campus here.


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A great way to keep up with all of the news from URH is to check us out online. Up-to-date news stories are posted on the homepage of our website, all of which you are free to share. Also, please find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Facebook and Twitter make it easier for you to help spread the word about us.


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URH strongly believes that education can provide a longer term solution for Haiti. Helping Haiti is not only unique in regards to individuals’ economic and living conditions after the earthquakes’ devastation, but also because of the country’s “brain drain.” Many of Haiti’s most educated and skilled survivors left the country in search of better opportunities abroad even before r the earthquake, and a significant number of other talented youth, who were accepted to foreign Universities, stayed abroad and will never return to Haiti. In order to fight this "brain drain" effect on the country's ability to rebuild itself


















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